1. I don’t remember the password. What shall I do next?

Use the “Don’t remember the password?” button under the “Log in” box. Type in your email address and click “Change password”. An email with your new password will be sent immediately to your email account. You should log in by using the given password. Later, you can modify the given password.

2. Does the price listed by the product include the delivery costs?

No. An extra cost of the delivery will be added to the order value after choosing the method of payment.

3. Are all the listed products available off-the-shelf?

The details about product availability appear below the product photo. You can also find there an information about the time of delivery realization (that means the moment of sending it to the Customer).

4. In what time will I receive the ordered items?

Sending the orders depends on its availability which is appears on the website. If the time of the order realization prolongs, we will inform you about this fact. The estimated time of courier delivery is normally one working day, 1 to 3 working days by Poczta Polska, 3 to 6 working days with the economy shipping. The estimated time is the sum of the time of the order realization and the time of the delivery.

5. Why is the realization of my order delayed?

The cause of the delays in the order realization is  usually the lack of order confirmation. We start completing the order straight after receiving the confirmation. For this reason, if you are not sure if you made the order confirmation, we ask you to call us or contact us by an email. However, when the Customer is not confirming the order for a long time, the order can be cancelled.

We update the information about products availability regularly. However, in case of some unpredicted situation e.g. the delays in the deliveries of our products or lack of the product in the supplier’s offer, the Company will not be able to complete the Customer’s order. You will be informed about this fact and have an option of keeping on expecting the delayed order delivery. In case of an unexpected lack of the ordered item(s) in the supplier’s offer, the Customer is informed about the fact and given two options of the order change or order cancelling suggested.

For some random causes, the delay can be a result of Poczta Polska or courier’s fault. Therefore, we advice you either to call us or send us an email in order to resolve the situation.

6. Do you send orders overseas?

Yes, however you need to contact our consultant before (by calling us or by sending an email).

7. Do the goods ordered in one delivery can be sent to two different addresses?

No, the order can only have one recipient. If the ordered goods should be sent to two different destinations, two separate orders should be made.

8. Is it possible to have the separate orders delivered in one parcel?

It’s dependant on how spread in time the orders are. In this case, you should call our Customer Service and give the numbers of the orders that should be sent as one parcel. The information about the acceptance or refusal of joining the orders will be sent via email.

9. I cannot make the transfer. Is the account number correct?

Yes, the account number is correct. When having problems, you can try to type all of the digits together or call your bank with a query about the accepted version of the account number.

10. Why, after placing my order, was I informed that the item I ordered is not available anymore?

We make the product list based on the data received from our suppliers. We regularly update the list of the available products. However, it is possible that the chosen item’s colour or size are not produced or available anymore.

11. Can the order be delivered to the recipient the same day?

It is only possible in case of a courier parcel. However, we advice you to indicate an earlier date as a date of the delivery (2 days earlier than the planned delivery) and personally set the date and time of the parcel delivery. As some random circumstances can appear and the courier may not be able to deliver the parcel within 24 hours, it is important to monitor the parcel by your own if having the parcel delivered on time is a priority.

12. Is it possible to give an alternative address dependent on the time of delivery.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the address after passing the order on to the courier company.

13. Can I receive the courier parcel in the hours that I indicate?

The Shop is not responsible for the work system of the courier company, that includes setting the delivery time or the contact with the courier before the delivery. Sending the delivery will be confirmed by us via email that will include the number of the courier parcel . The parcel can be followed on the courier’s website.

14. Do you have any printed catalogue of your offer?

No, we do not have any printed catalogue, the full offer of our products is available on our website. We do not sent our catalogues to the Customers.

15. Is it possible to receive an invoice?

Yes, the Shop can issue an invoice that is sent via email or by post to the Customer’s address. If you wish to have an invoice issued, please add to the order comment “a VAT invoice”, your NIP or call us or inform us via email.

16. Is it possible to collect the order personally?

Yes, it is possible. Please add to the order comment “personal collection”. After completing your order, we will contact you by phone or by email to set the date and time of the delivery.

17. How long does it take to adjust a complaint by Poczta Polska and what are the terms and conditions when making a complaint?

After 14 working days from the date of sending the order and no confirmation of shipment from the Post Office, we make a complaint about the missing parcel. The process of adjusting the complaint can last up to one month – in some random cases, Poczta Polska prolongs the time of complaint adjustment. In the moment of confirmation of the parcel loss, we make a\the return of the costs.

18. How can I return a faulty good?

A faulty good should be returned to the company address. Once we receive the parcel, we will return an item of full value. If, for some random reasons, it will not be possible anymore (because of the lack of the product), we will suggest you some other available products or we will return the amount paid.

19. Is it possible to giftwrap the purchased items and send them as a gift?

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

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